smaRtOffceEMS Education Solution.

A solid information system should not only aim to collect, store data and process information but help in the formulation of education policies, their management and their evaluation. Like any therapy, a plan should be based on a precise and exact diagnosis if it is to be effective. Problems should be identified through a detailed and critical analysis in order to be able to propose solutions.

The definition of objectives, the choice of strategies and policy decisions should be based on objective data. Many countries have an education database based on school censuses and/or ad hoc surveys. However, the relevance and quality of data are yet to be improved in most cases.


smaRtOffice Education Management System Features:

        • Finance Management
        • Human Resource Management
        • Student Management
        • E-Learning
        • Helpdesk
        • Vehicle Management
        • Facility Management
        • Assets and Inventory
        • Assets and Inventory
        • Web Application
        • Messaging