smaRtOffce Construction Management.

Perhaps you are experiencing difficulty assessing job profitability before or after jobs start. Or maybe you’re having trouble easily scheduling labor and equipment. Do you find yourself waiting for materials, equipment and labor to become available to perform work? At times are you unsure of when a job will be completed or worse, continue to see disappearing profit margins once the full costs of a job are calculated? smaRtOffice Construction Software has the solutions to these common problems.

By working closely with our customers to gain the specific insights we need to address industry pain points, we’re creating products that are built to scale with our customers’ businesses, yet not force them to invest in infrastructure that outpaces their current needs. And most importantly, we’re building a software platform as rock-solid as the foundations our customers build their roads, bridges and buildings upon. From our innovative construction management software solutions to our Viewpoint Cloud Computing platform, smaRtOffice has the answer to today’s construction industry challenges.


smaRtOffice Construction Management Features:

      • Proposal Management
      • Tender Management
      • Contact Management
      • Bill of Quantity
      • Commercial Dashboard
      • Report & Analysis
      • Purchases Request
      • Calls of Bids
      • Purchases Order
      • Warehouse
      • inventory
      • Schedule
      • Materials / Service / Equipment
      • Timesheet